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Davis Craig

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I am an Internet Marketing Professional. I help businesses and brands make the most of the fast growing Internet medium with customized internet marketing solutions. Armed with experience, knowledge and a team of dedicated Internet marketing professionals my objective is to help every business understand and leverage the immense growth potential that the World Wide Web offers.

I also guide early stage startups to setup their business and use Internet Marketing Techniques to establish and grow successfully. Many a times you have great ideas but they die an early death because of unavailability of right guidance and lack of experience.

The internet is here to stay, so be it social media marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, internet marketing strategy or website design and development, every piece calls for some skills. I teach internet marketing techniques to job aspirants, students and those in marketing roles. I aim to and hope that my efforts will result in providing the growing e-businesses with the manpower they require today and in the future.

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Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Campaign Strategy & Planning

Website & SEO Audits

Digital Marketing is the need of today and tomorrow. The opportunity formats may change over time but Digital Marketing is here to stay. Are your ready for the Digital world?

As a Digital Marketing Professional I derive delight from successfully helping startups and businesses by helping them improve their digital footprint which helps business growth.