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I am an Internet Marketing Professional. I help businesses and brands make the most of the fast growing Internet medium with customized internet marketing solutions. Armed with experience, knowledge and a team of dedicated Internet marketing professionals my objective is to help every business understand and leverage the immense growth potential that the World Wide Web offers.

I also guide early stage startups to setup their business and use Internet Marketing Techniques to establish and grow successfully. Many a times you have great ideas but they die an early death because of unavailability of right guidance and lack of experience.

The internet is here to stay, so be it social media marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, internet marketing strategy or website design and development, every piece calls for some skills. I teach internet marketing techniques to job aspirants, students and those in marketing roles. I aim to and hope that my efforts will result in providing the growing e-businesses with the manpower they require today and in the future.

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What keeps me going

I have learnt a lot and the learning continues. The business of the Internet never stops and there is always something new to uncover. Thats what i like about it. While I learn I share what I find interesting and useful.

I help run a digital marketing agency with a young team who want to change this world. Our mission is to educate businesses about the power of Internet marketing and help them grow their business. So be it SEO, Adwords/PPC, Social Media, Display Banner Advertising, Innovations, Internet Strategy, Planning or Implementation the team is always raring to go.

I like to share my learnings hoping that my contributions will lead to better employable manpower. So I teach at a couple of places and also conduct Internet marketing training sessions with small businesses.

I assist a few startups too. I am keen, as I realised that being an entrepreneur in our country though easy is not without its issues with regards to handling of financials, paperwork and people.


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The most convenient way to reach me is via email to

Please mention the purpose in detail along with any other information that will help me understand your communication better so I can respond in context. We will thus avoid multiple email exchanges and arrive at decisions faster.

I do use Skype (occasionally in the early mornings IST) and I am on Facebook (mostly weekends) & Google Plus (mostly weekends) and I am on Linkedin to network with professionals.

If I don't reply to your email within 24 hours, I might be traveling and will get back to you as soon as I can.

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